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The 5 Equations of Partnership

If ballroom dancing is the journey, then partnership is the ride. And for a greater journey, we need an equally great ride. Days will...

The Secret To Becoming Dance Masters

It’s time to do some – easy – math: count daily hours of training, then days of practice, and now the years. What did...

What Do You Do When You Ballroom Dance? (Inspirational)

When you ballroom dance and have done it for a while, it becomes so natural and so innate, that you tend to forget what...

Redefining the Meaning of Ballroom Dance

It is fascinating how formative dance is. How it transcends the five letters that constitute it to teach us about so many things. And...

5 Life Lessons Ballroom Dance Sport Teaches You

Dance Sport is as inspirational as it is laborious. Throughout one’s experience of movement, life lessons on personal development emerge and teach us how...